• Course: "Fundamentals of microprocessor technology", "Microprocessor control and information processing", "Microprocessor tools and systems", "Design and technology of electronic systems on devices", "Theory of electrical circuits"
  • Cabinet: 403-12
  • Phone: +38 (044) 204-8122
  • CV

Secretary of State Examination Commission for the Protection of diploma projects and master’s works.

She works on the department of industrial electronics in NTUU “KPI” since 1979. In 1987 she graduated from NTUU “KPI” in specialty engineer of electronic equipment.

Since 1997 she works as a senior lecturer. She lectures the course “Energy efficiency and energy saving”. She conducts practical and laboratory training “Fundamentals of microprocessor technology”, “Microprocessor control and information processing”, “Microprocessor tools and systems”, “Design and technology of electronic systems and devices”, “Theory of electrical circuits.” She is responsible for the control of  diploma projects norms.

June 1, 2016 she defended her thesis on “Energy efficient parallel active filter control three-phase four-power system” for the degree of candidate of technical sciences.

Has 29 scientific works, is the author of 3 and co-author of 23 guidelines and manuals.