Volodymyr ROMASHKO

  • Course: "The theory of electric circuits", "Power Electronics", "Fundamentals of Engineering Design"
  • Cabinet: 309-12
  • Phone: +38 (044) 204-8122
  • CV

Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Born in 1949 graduated with honors from the CPI in 1973 worked as an engineer assistant, p. lecturer at the Department of Industrial Electronics. In 1982 he defended his thesis. Since 1983 he worked as an associate professor. In 2010 he defended his doctoral dissertation “Analysis of modes of electric power converters by features free regime”, specialty 05.09.12 – Semiconductor converters of electricity. Since 2011 working as a professor of industrial electronics.

Research interests – investigation of electromagnetic processes in discrete linear circuits and use these methods to the analysis of electromagnetic processes in power electronic devices. Prepared and taught courses on specific and general engineering disciplines: “Fundamentals of Industrial Electronics”, “transforming technology”, “Fundamentals of Computer Science and Programming”, “Theory of electrical circuits”, “Power Electronics”, “Fundamentals of engineering design.” Manages master’s theses and diploma projects bachelors and specialists. Prepared 7 x 2 masters and PhDs. He has over 70 scientific publications, 10 patents, and is the author of the textbook, co-authored four books.

Winner of two awards for best KPI textbooks, and premiums Scientific and Technical Society of Radio Engineering, Electronics and communication of Popov O.S.