• Course: "Microprocessor Technology", "Specialized industrial and microprocessor systems," "Modern trends microprocessor and computer technology"
  • Cabinet: 313-12
  • Phone: +38 (044) 204-8122
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Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

The winner of the award named after Lenin Komsomol of Nikolai Ostrovsky.

Born in 1950 KPI graduated in 1973, specialty “Industrial electronics”. She worked as an engineer, they say. Fellow, p. researcher, associate professor. Defended his candidate (1981) and doctoral (1997) theses. 1984 was the winner of the award named after Lenin Komsomol. Nikolai Ostrovsky in science, technology and production. Reads lectures: “Microprocessor Technology”, “specialized industrial and microprocessor systems,” “Modern trends microprocessor and computer technology”, which provided 9 methodological guidelines and manuals. Has more than 100 scientific papers, including a textbook, 2 monographs, 13 patents. Subject of research – the microprocessor control valve converters based on symmetric transformation of discrete functions.

Supervises diploma bachelor works, diploma projects professionals. There is supervisor of masters and PhD students of the department of industrial electronics NTUU “Igor Sikorsky KPI”.