Робота для студентів. Компанія “Promotion”

Компанія Promotion-staff, провідна компанія, що надає послуги аутстаффінгу, аутсорсингу, рекрутменту. Шукаємо кандидата на вакансію “Technical support” в міжнародну компанію.

Main responsibilities:

1. Technical support for service centers in Ukraine, Caucasus, Moldova and Central Asia in the consumer categories:


• PHOTO- VIDEO-camera




• Home Appliances

• Washing Machine


        Details of technical support responsibilities:

o   Answering Pass’ questions in the knowledge base

o   Correspondence with Pass about technical issues

o   Creating technical bulletins (repair procedures, s/p changes, uploading of service manuals, providing service seminars and WEBinars)

o   Uploading of new software

2.       Consumer Pass Network Development:

  Examination of candidates applying for authorization in all consumer categories

  Monitoring of reported warranty repairs

3.       Tight communication with factories:

  Negotiations to solving of mass quality issues

  Requesting software, firmware, and actual service documents

  Collecting data of reported repairs to make Quality Reports by supported categories

  Arranging of Quality Caravans (support of visits of representatives from factories in our countries)

  Reporting in English on a monthly base.

  Support specialists for time efficient and productive tests by providing necessary assistance and Q&A through good communication with local partners.

  Laboratory tests and technical support.

  Back-office functions.

  Routine document procedures.


Primary requirements:

1)      High Technical Education;

2)      English: technical (reading of service manuals) + spoken English;

3)      Basic knowledge of PC and office applications;

4)      Readiness to Business Trips (within the country and abroad);

5)      Practical skills of repair by listed categories – is encouraged.

Working conditions:

1)      Official salary, based on the interview result;

2)      holidays – according to КЗоТ;

3)      working time 9 – 17:30 from Monday to Friday.